The junction at Lynn Tyres in Clonmore.

Gardaí to be asked to examine junction at Lynn Tyres

A claim that the junction at Lynn Tyres and Expert Electrical at the Clonmore industrial estate in Mullingar is not working satisfactorily was made by Cllr Andrew Duncan at the May meeting of the Municipal District of Mullingar Kinnegad.

He received support for his claim from Cllr Ken Glynn, who works at Expert Electrical.

Cllr Duncan asked formally that the district examine the junctions and the lights there, but he was not happy with the district response, which stated that all road markings, traffic lights and signage there comply with current standards, and that bollards have been installed to prevent vehicles taking short cuts across private sites.

"I’ve had several people on to me and I don’t think those lights work at all," Cllr Duncan told officials, stating that on three occasions recently, he had seen cars coming from the O’Brien’s shortcut road, on the southern side of the junction, driving across the Lynn Tyres forecourt in order to avoid having to stop at the lights.

Admitting he wasn’t sure what the solution is, Cllr Duncan said he wondered if it might not have been better to have left in place the roundabout that was previously there.

Cllr Glynn agreed that he had seen similar actions at that junction.

District engineer Pat Kavanagh said that the question is a policing issue, but that also a difficulty is the fact that the Lynn Tyres forecourt is private property.

However he added, the matter can be discussed with An Garda Síochána.

Yellow Lines

At the same meeting, Cllr Duncan asked that the council install double yellow lines at Zone A on the road to Mullingar Agri.

To that the response was that the section of road adjacent to Mullingar Agri is in private ownership and therefore the installation of double yellow lines at that location is not within the remit of the district.

Cllr Duncan countered that the section to which he is referring is actually part of the public road, and he asked that the matter be re-examined.