Traffic control lights and work on the road at Clonmore this morning.

Roadworks at Clonmore today

A member of the public rang the Westmeath Examiner office this morning to say that roadworks at the roundbout next to the greenway car park in Clonmore, Mullingar, were causing massive disruption.

That person said he'd had to wait more than 20 minutes in a traffic queue, and had he known about the roadworks, he could have taken an alternative route.

The Westmeath Examiner went to see what the situation was, and at shortly after 10am traffic was moving fairly smoothly. One driver told us he had been waiting just two or three mintues in the queue.

There are traffic lights on the three main roads at the roundabout.

If the roadworks continue throughout the day, traffic holdups are likely at around 5/6pm.