The path on the Dublin Road in Mullingar is to be widened.

Design work on Active Travel scheme for Dublin Road to start soon

A consultant is due to be appointed within weeks to design Active Travel scheme measures to be installed on the Dublin Road, Mullingar.

District engineer Pat Kavanagh, responding to a query from Cllr Mick Dollard at the May meeting of the Mullingar Kinnegad Municipal District, said the scheme will involve the widening of the footpath along the left hand side between the Dublin Bridge and the former Westmeath Motors site.

The written response to Cllr Dollard’s query, which was on the precise works planned, stated that the tender period for a consultant finished recently and it is anticipated the evaluation process will be completed within the next two weeks, and the appointment of the successful consultant is expected shortly thereafter.

“Once appointed the consultant is required to undertake a number of baseline and topographic surveys to assist them in identifying potential options, and preliminary designs for those options, to provide the best Active Travel infrastructure for the scheme, the reply stated, going on to add that the active travel team will liaise with the municipal district members as design options are developed in order to achieve the best design, which will then be put forward for planning consent.


The need for work on the footpaths at Newlands was also raised by Cllr Dollard, and he suggested that the council seek either risk mitigation funds or a Department of Transport Improvement Grant.

The response from the district stated that the footpaths have been reconstructed in Newlands over the past number of years, but that further work may be considered as part of the 2024 estimates.

Dalton Park

Repairs are needed to a public light to the rear of Dalton Park, Cllr Dollard reminded officials, as he asked that the district indicate when it is envisaged that it will be put back into working order. The response was that the matter has been referred to the council’s transportation section.

St Colman’s

Cllr Dollard was pleased to learn that works he requested at St Colman’s National School have already been done. He had asked that the road markings lost during resurfacing of the road be reinstated, and complimented the district engineer on the work being undertaken so quickly and to a high standard.