Tanzanian Heavenly Homes volunteer Riley Keenan helping pick vegetables.

Tanzanian Heavenly Homes volunteers working hard

The local people who are volunteering with Tanzanian Heavenly Homes have been busy since they arrived in the town of Mto Wa Mbu.

Charity founder well-known photographer John McCauley, says that the 17-strong group is working hard preparing two hectares of land for planting. They land was purchased with money raised in the Mullingar area.

"So far, so good. We are getting the two hectares ready and next week we will be sowing lots of veg for the elders," John says.

The vegetables grown on the land will be used to help feed the elderly in their care.

Some of the group taking a well earned break with their new Tanzanian friends.
John McCauley with some of the elders in Mto Wa Mbu.
Riley Keenan busy at work.

He and his team travel to Tanzania every year to help the forgotten elders and the poor of Mto Wa Mbu.

They provide these people with shelter, water, food and clothing. One hundred per cent of all donations given to the charity go towards helping them. John and the charity’s committee work on a totally voluntary basis and travel to Tanzania at their own expense.