This 'musical sandpit' town led to the release of Codyy's debut solo single

Codyy has released his debut solo single Time 2 Be, described by IMRO as an "electrifying debut", about the search for meaning in the world, when the real answers lie within.

Many of you will know that the Waterford native and BIMM graduate has called Mullingar home for a number of years after coming to town to form part of the band Fallen Lights.

His debut single however, was inspired by his personal journey as a solo artist, which Codyy has been on since 2020.

"Fallen Lights finished up just as covid arrived. I was living in Belvedere Hills at the time and I put together a studio in one of the rooms, and I was just writing and recording day and night," Codyy tells the Westmeath Examiner. "I'd written 30 - 40 songs, and every couple of tracks I thought that was was going to be my first single, it was just track after track, until Time 2 Be came along and I knew that had to be my debut.

"Time 2 Be is about the search for meaning - esotericism, the meaning of the song itself is a bit psychedelic. It's how we all go about the pursuit of meaning, searching outside ourselves when really we need to look within to find answers," he says.

"Some say the song is reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club or Kodaline, but really it's influenced by the indie and rock music that I grew up on from the 90s and noughties. I listened to the Karrang music channel a lot, Lincoln Park got me going when I was younger."

Having sat on the single for a year and a half, Codyy says it's a "huge relief" to finally have the track out there.

"I've been stocking up and tracks for two years and I kept procrastinating about putting them out. It came to a point where I wondered what I was waiting for. So I stuck a date on it and committed to it. I suppose I was spending a lot of time waiting for labels and management to come knocking on my door, until I finally decided to get it out there and see what happened."

Codyy produced most of Time 2 Be himself, before travelling to London to work with producer Tom Leach who had worked with other bands with a similar indie sound. The result is a synthesized blend of raw vocals, powerful guitar riffs, bass and drums, creating a stadium sound.

"I knew he'd be the right guy and I think I was right," says Codyy, adding that his debut album is already penned, and he is excited and "eager" about forthcoming releases.

Codyy is planning a big move in October, to London, to work on furthering opportunities and connections, but he is firm in his view that his music comes from his "roots", which are firmly planted in Mullingar.

"I came to Mullingar for the music and I found that I couldn't leave the 'musical sandpit', that is Mullingar. I wasn't expecting, for a such a small town, to be so full of amazing musicians and bands all competing and helping each other out simultaneously.

"In October I am moving to London because I think there will be more opportunities there, but I will be over and back quite a bit because my band is still here, this is where the music comes from. I've already moved my roots once, from Waterford to Mullingar, and this is where they're going to stay."

Codyy is planning a Dublin date in November, but in the meantime you can catch him live in Clarke's bar tomorrow night, Friday August 25, ahead of Bobby and The Blunts.

Listen to Time 2 Be on Spotify, Youtube and Apple Music, and follow along with Codyy's journey across all social media platforms.