At back, Town Band fundraising committee members Maria Magee and Linda Doolin, with Zoe and Mischa Doolin in front.

New season and lotto begins for Mullingar Town Band

Mullingar Town Band are hosting an Open Night for new members to join tomorrow night, Friday September 1, and will also be launching their new fundraising initiative, Mullingar Town Band Lotto.

Maria Magee and Linda Doolin of the fundraising committee explain how the new lotto is to work.

"We launched this new initiative in connection with It's to fundraise the band's education programmes and performance programmes," explains Maria Magee.

"We're trying to get the wider community to sign up - it is a weekly lotto draw, and the jackpot is starting at €500," she continues. "Every week the jackpot will build, and there will also be weekly prizes."

Linda adds that it's very easy to sign up. Members of the public can scan a QR code, available on fliers and posters distributed throughout the town, or follow the link

"You have the option to spend as little as €2.50 on one line. This is all online, and our first draw is going to take place on September 14 at 8pm," she finishes.

"Every penny raised goes back into the band, for new instruments, new music programmes, resources for the band," adds Linda Doolin

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