Arrow in the Sky release 'Fire'

Following on from their single My Sunshine earlier this year, Arrow in the Sky - the songwriting partnership of midlands based singer Conor McCauley and multi-instrumentalist Brian Murphy, have just released ‘Fire’, the second single from their forthcoming album to be released later this year.

The new offering delves into a mix of sonic palettes, but interjects a little punk rush and pace in the chorus as well as a double vocal assault between Conor and Brian.

Conor has likened Fire to being at a "drive-in playing folk music", while Brian has explained that the song is about a lifetime spent in pursuit of one’s craft or passion.

"What drives you, or the fire in your chest for someone you love. The fire in your lungs to sing a song," he says. "It's about the fire in your hands to make something. Why is it that some things can speak to you in ways that captivate you, compel you, consume and conquer you?"

Conor adds that the song is "a call to arms toward that which you love. Maybe your fire will sustain you, or maybe your fire will extinguish you. Maybe your fire is you".

As always, Arrow in the Sky have brought in a little help from their friends. A beautiful rich legato from international cello virtuoso Gerard Toal, as well as suspenseful tom filled verses to the driving breakouts on the chorus from drummer extraordinaire Jason Cooper of The Cure.

Conor McCauley and Brian Murphy of Arrow in the Sky

"Everybody brought so much to the song, and we were truly blessed with the calibre of musicians that played on Fire," says Brian.

For the music video the duo teamed up again with director Conor English.

"We spoke about making a video with a bunch of our friends and showcasing their passions. So we have a cool ragtag crew of musicians, acrobats, winemakers, knitwear designers, poets, and martial artists, but primarily it’s just a bunch of our family and friends hanging out and having fun.

"Conor shot it in such a way that it is both a showcase of peoples’ talents and a lovely distilled moment together with friends and loved ones."

Arrow in the Sky say "we hope your fire glows in deep rich embers and burns as ferociously or gently as you see fit for all your days to come."