Brian McLoughlin.

When You Come To A Fork In The Road… Take It

When You Come To A Fork In The Road… Take It, a novel by Brian McLoughlin of Inklings Mullingar Writers Group, launches this Thursday, September 21, in Mullingar Library at 6.30pm.

Set in a modern, but very different Ireland in which a new radical government is desperately trying to lift the mood of a broken country by providing millions to the arts, the novel tells the story of E-Theatre, a midlands drama group that seizes the opportunity the funding windfalls offer to do comedic, dramatic and extravagant productions, addressing profound issues such as:

Why is shopping the best therapy?

What is the ultimate chocolate?

Why is love blind and marriage the eye-opener?

Why is the lost sheep the only interesting sheep?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Four friends, Jody, Pat, Marie and Alice start out in perfect harmony, creating high plains drama in the plains of Ireland, but as the money escalates, the romances fluctuate, the beds grow cold and Ballymakill – a new town built to square the circle – enters to take the group into the rabbit-hole of its existence. (Blame it on Alice!)

When You Come To A Fork In The Road… Take It will drive you around the twist.

Brian McLoughlin facilitates Inklings Writing Group, Mullingar, a fun group established in 2016 that has a weekly column in the Westmeath Examiner, having previously facilitated the Emper-Milltown writing group.

A member of Mullingar Toastmasters, Poetry in the Park, Athlone and Shannon Storytellers, Athlone, he writes plays, poetry and more, and has performed stand-up comedy, stand-up poetry, humorous speaking and has won awards in those.

He describes his writing style as creative, immersive and not conforming to any particular definition. Sort of undefined…

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