Retention permission sought for Killua Castle buildings

Montpascal Properties Ltd have applied to Westmeath County Council for retention permission for the restoration, repair, and improvement of a number of structures within the original demesne of Killua Castle, Clonmellon.

These include a restaurant building, farm produce sales and food storage area, restoration works to the walled gardens, protected stone structure and Gothic folly, and a tennis court.

The application lodged with the planning authority on September 8 last, details that retention permission is sought for the restoration of an existing restaurant building, for food preparation and dining, including improvement works consisting of two entrance lobbies.

Montpascal Properties seek to retain the restoration and improvement of a former milking parlour, for ancillary farm produce sales and food storage, on the site of a now demolished agricultural shed.

Retention permission is also sought for the demolition of the agricultural shed.

Included in the application is the repair and restoration to the walled gardens, a protected structure recorded in the Westmeath County Development Plan 2021-2027, and a Gothic Folly.

Retention is also sought for the alteration of internal access roads, including two permeable ‘grass-grid’ parking areas, a tennis court, fencing, and landscaping.

Permission to retain a dry storage structure to the southeast corner of the walled garden, and the restoration of an existing agricultural dry storage structure is also included in the application, as is the retention of an existing temporary timber frame animal shelter, storage shed and two metal storage containers, existing septic tank and percolation area, existing underground tanks for rainwater and firefighting water storage, existing retaining walls and kerbs.