Minister Peter Burke (on right) with members of the Mullingar Pool Action Group.

Burke presses ministerial colleagues on funding for swimming pool

Minister Peter Burke has said this weekend that he is making the funding for a Mullingar swimming pool a priority, and explained how he is pursing government channels to secure it.

He said in a statement: “I am working with my colleague, Minister Paschal Donohoe, to progress the Mullingar swimming pool funding case under the Large Scale Sport Infrastructure Fund.

“Having met the Mullingar Pool Action Group committee recently, I am progressing funding requests with the minister for public expenditure and will continue to highlight the priority case we have in Mullingar for new leisure facilities.

“We are making good progress on this and I will continue to engage with all the necessary funding channels to make the new pool a reality.

“Also, the development towards a new ticketing system at the existing pool is at advanced stages and I look forward to further progress on that in the short term,” says Minister Burke.