The car park area near the canal at Ballinea.

Bin removed due to Ballinea dumper

A bin erected at Ballinea Bridge had to be removed as it began to attract illegal dumping, the executive of the Municipal District of Mullingar Kinnegad revealed to councillors at their November meeting.

The disclosure came on foot of a request by Cllr Aoife Davitt that the bin be replaced.

Cllr Davitt was aware of the illegal dumping issue: “It is one person who was filling all the bins in the locality,” she said. “Put a camera up. Catch the person. Fine them. Put the bin back.”

She said there is a dog poop bag dispenser there, but nowhere to put the bags: “Why are the community and the people who use that facility being sanctioned or punished because of one person?”

Director of services Deirdre O’Reilly said it was her view that the bin should be replaced when there is CCTV in place, and when the legislation is there to protect the right of the authority to use CCTV, which she expects should happen early in the new year.