Survey shows one in six drivers very concerned about safety on Irish roads

Michael Bolton

A survey has shown one in six drivers are very concerned about safety on Irish roads.

A survey carried out by Easytrip, which included over 4,700 people, highlighted that 93 per cent of Irish motorists are concerned with road safety in Ireland.

Among the top five contributing factors to the increase of deaths on Irish roads were driver distractions, such as the use of a mobile phone, speeding, driver inexperience, poor road conditions and driving under the influence.

57 per cent of people in the survey agreed and welcomed the recommended reduction of speed from 80km/h to 60km/h on rural roads, while 43 per cent disagreed with it.

48 per cent of drivers believed the penalty points system is be ineffective, with 28 per cent believing it is effective while 23 per cent were unsure.

46 per cent of drivers claimed the standard of driving in Ireland was average, with 20 per cent of drivers believing it is somewhat good, and six per cent claiming it is terrible.

CEO of Easytrip Ireland, Colin Delaney said: “It’s clear to see from our research that motorists are concerned with road safety standards and driving behaviours on our roads.

"The rules of the road, the systems and the laws that are in place are there to protect all road users. Any driving journey whether a short trip to the shop or a longer journey to visit family should be safe."