Ciaran Clarke won the Westmeath Bachelor title in Mullingar Arts Centre on July 29.

Christmas Q&A: Ciaran Clarke

Ciaran Clarke from Rosemount is the 2023 Westmeath Bachelor.

What is your favourite Christmas film and song?

Fairytale of New York. It works well for new year’s as well. I’ll keep it green for my favourite movie and go with the Grinch – it’s a must-watch every Christmas

Who cooks Christmas dinner in your house?

All of the siblings make it to my Mam’s house for Christmas dinner, she cooks a class roast.

What’s your favourite part?

I don’t have a favourite part, I just love it all. I do hate the clean-up though…

Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

We only have one tradition in our house – my oldest sister puts the kids to bed early for Santa on Christmas Eve so that the rest of us have the night before Christmas Day free for a bit of a party.

What’s your best Christmas memory?

It was 2004, what a stunning morning! I love looking back and picturing the heavy snow that fell.

We got up early that morning to a new dog, among other things. I was 11.

The Christmas magic was strong that year as it was our first year living in Rosemount after moving from Birr.

How do you spend Christmas afternoon?

On Christmas morning, I generally don’t drink at that stage. By Christmas afternoon/evening, I am likely to go for a ramble to see my cousins or friends.

Are you an organised shopper or a Christmas Eve one?

Funnily enough, I usually get all the gifts last minute, but it just so happens this year I have everything sorted already. It must be bachelor power that has me organised this year!

Are you planning on making a New Year’s resolution?

For 2023 I quit smoking as a resolution. I’m still using nicotine products now though, so I might make an effort to get rid of them. I’m starting a new job in January, which will give me extra time to exercise.

My sister completed a half marathon a few weeks ago and it was inspiring, so I might try that, seeing as I have the time to train now.