Christmas Q&A: Tina Kellegher

1. Favourite Christmas film and song?

My favourite Christmas film is ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. James Stewart’s performance is so beautiful, I have yet to watch it without shedding a tear. Fairy Tale of New York is my favourite song, made all the more poignant this year by Shane McGowan’s passing.

2. Who cooks Christmas dinner in your house? What’s your favourite part?

I cook Christmas dinner. My favourite part is when the men of the house insist I sit down in front of the fire while they do the clean-up.

3. Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

We exchange gifts before breakfast, then it’s off to Christmas Day Mass.

4. What’s your best Christmas memory?

Christmas about 23 years ago in Donegal. My husband and I went up along with some of my brothers and sisters to have a family Christmas, as my parents had just retired there. It was a picturesque frosty, atmospheric winter scene up there with lots of food, fun, laughter and card games into the small hours… long overdue gatherings with cousins in cosy pubs in Ardara filled with country music, dancing and craic. On the day of our departure for Mullingar, we discovered the heater in our car was broken, a long cold journey before us avoided thanks to my mother gifting us with her best Foxford blanket, which to my shame, I never returned. Sorry Mam x.

5. How do you spend Christmas afternoon?

Christmas afternoon is spent eating, relaxing and weather permitting, we get a walk in.

6. Are you an organised shopper or a Christmas Eve one?

I’m not a very organised shopper but I always manage to get it done before Christmas eve… just!

7. Are you planning on making a new year’s resolution?

No New Year’s resolutions for me; I want to ease into 2024 without too much pressure.