Musicians from Music and Health Ireland playing in MRH Mullingar recently.

'January joy' for patients as musicians entertain at hospital

Wintertime can be a stressful and challenging time for hospitals - but this month Regional Hospital Mullingar tried to buck that trend by having live music on the wards!

On Friday January 5 and Tuesday January 9 thanks to funding from Healthy Ireland, the group Music and Health Ireland arranged for a singer and two musicians to bring some “January joy” in what can be one of the bleakest months of the year.

Said hospital manager Kay Slevin: “The feedback we have received from patients and staff has been so positive. It’s something a little different and brought an air of happiness and joy to patients and staff.”

Ms Slevin extended thanks to the Healthy Ireland Committee for organising the musicians’ visit.

“It is initiatives like this that enhance the patient experience and we are really appreciative to the musicians who took the time to come to the hospital and gave of their time, it was a fabulous experience for everyone,” she said.

The group played at various locations in the hospital. In attendance were a cellist, a guitarist and a singer. They were mobile and no amplification was used.

Music and Health Ireland has been bringing music into hospitals and nursing homes throughout Ireland over the last 15 years. They use professional musicians who have undertaken specific training to work appropriately and sensitively in hospitals and clinical spaces to support a holistic environment for both patients and staff.

Ms Slevin finished up: “The music had such a positive impact on everyone, and we have some lovely examples of patients really enjoying the music. I will be asking our Healthy Ireland Committee to look in to doing something similar again.”