Multyfarnham pickleball club is the oldest in the country and one of the most active.

Operation Transformation hears about benefits of pickleball at Multyfarnham

Brian Wycherley

Marion Mooney and Anthony McCormack of Multyfarnham outlined the many benefits of pickleball for both young and old on Wednesday night’s edition of Operation Transformation.

Pickleball is a paddle sport where players hit a hollow, plastic ball over a net in a similar way to the likes of tennis or badminton.

The low intensity of the game makes it suitable for all ages.

Marion Mooney of Multyfarnham pickleball club.

Marian Mooney told OT that she had “never played a sport ever before”.

She described herself as being “a very overweight teenager who didn’t like to go out and play sport.”

“I didn’t want anyone to look at me,” Marion told the RTÉ crew, but as she reached her late 50s, she was introduced to pickleball and hasn’t looked back.

“Pickleball keeps my weight down and it is certainly really important for me,” she said.

Cassandra Mooney (daughter of Marion).

It must run in the blood as Marion’s daughter, Cassandra, is an Irish pickleball champion.

She told RT: “I’m super proud of Mam. To think she was in her 50 when she started this, and to keep it going up until this point is absolutely fabulous.”

Anthony McCormack, Multyfarnham pickleball club.

Anthony McCormack had “both knees replaced last year” but continues to train three times a week.

“Some people might think I’m mad, I probably am,” said Anthony of his active lifestyle.

Another player, Anne Naughton, said the muscles are working: “Who needs a gym when you could come here!”

Marion and all the people just like her are no longer “hiding in the corner” they can now “stand up and go out there and play with anyone.”