‘When God made them, he matched them!’

Isn’t Yulia Navalnay an extraordinary woman? Within hours of her husband being cruelly murdered by Vladimir Putin, Yulia, showing the same bravery and resolve, had stepped into Alexi’s shoes. The fact that Mrs Navalnay had stayed out of the limelight during their 23-year marriage makes the story all the more remarkable.

‘When God made them, he matched them’, the old people used say – and when you think about it, who can argue but that God is spot on most of the time! Evidently he matches the bad as well as the good… or maybe Satan looks to his own. We’ll tell you about the bad further down; but first let us marvel at some of the great ones that God got right.

Barack Obama found Michelle – or was it the other way round? They met while still at college and it was love at first sight. Michelle passionately believed that her husband was destined for greatness and she supported him all the way to becoming president of the United States. President Obama and his First Lady are one of the most famous couples in history. Michelle is said to be the most popular woman in America today.

This writer is far from being a fan of royalty – but when they don’t bother me, I leave them alone. We have a ‘live and let live’ understanding. Despite what any of the rest of you might be saying about Princess Kate at the moment, I think she is fabulous. Prince William is a good guy too. The Prince and Princess of Wales are so incredibly well matched and time will show that they did their realm some good.

If Johnny Cash hadn’t met June Carter, his life would have spiralled out of control. This iconic couple influenced a generation of country music and are one of music’s most enduring and endearing couples. They were married for 35 years and when June died, Johnny never slept in the marital bed again, and he soon followed her up above – to where they tell us, some marriages are made.

Coretta Scott was a civil rights activist in college. It was there and then that she met Martin Luther King Jnr. Martin fell head over heels for Coretta and proposed to her on their second date. Martin got more of the spotlight during their civil rights campaign, but his wife was there by his side supporting him and their cause. The Kings are regarded as one of America’s most important historical couples.

These are all examples of like-minded couples being drawn towards each other. Whether they are guided by the hand of the Almighty is debatable, but nobody can argue but that they are well matched.

Now, on the other side of the coin, we have to look at the union of couples that surely must have been overseen from hell.

I like to watch true-crime documentaries on TV sometimes. I am regularly dumbfounded at how evil individuals are drawn to each other in order to become an evil couple.

Myra Hindley is rightly regarded as Britain’s most evil woman. What perverted sort of magnet drew Ian Brady into her embrace and allowed this satanic couple to torture and murder innocent children?

Likewise, Fred and Rose West, who brutally mass-murdered nine innocent human beings. ’25 Cromwell Street’ is etched into the brains of the British people. It was in the back garden that the remains of this vile couple’s horror spree were dug up. One of the victims was their own daughter.

Probably the most infamous criminal couple of all time were ‘Bonnie and Clyde’. Their criminal campaign became somewhat romanticised, but that is wrong thinking. It should never be overlooked that this cowardly and callous couple shot dead 13 people – including two police officers doing their jobs.

We have covered the good and the bad here, giving you a few examples of how similarly minded people are drawn to each other. But it is not only the rich and famous who fall into all of the above categories. Look around and you will see how the people you meet are most often like two peas in a pod.

On the one hand are nice couples of all ages, who complement each other as both have a kind word and a helping hand for those around them.

Then you have a minority of couples who find each other through their common sourness and hatred of others. They love the chip they choose to carry on their shoulder. As time goes on, they are cemented closer together through the glue of jealousy and begrudgery.

I suppose when God made us all – and gave us a free will, he had to match us somehow!

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