Home Instead praise for caregivers

Almost 4,000 caregivers work across Ireland with Home Instead, a leading provider of home care services in Ireland.

To acknowledge the work of this team, Home Instead has designated a Caregiver Appreciation Week.

“This special week is devoted to Home Instead CAREGivers who embody the heart of compassionate care in Ireland,” said Lorraine McLaughlin, general manager at Home Instead Westmeath, stating that the organisation holds the dedication of its caregivers in high esteem, and views them as the lifeblood of the organisation.

“Caregivers play a vital role in providing exceptional care to older adults, allowing them to age gracefully and comfortably in the place they call home,” said Ms McLaughlin.

“Their professional expertise and compassionate acts of kindness have a profound impact on the lives they touch, creating a sense of security, companionship, and overall wellbeing.

“With unbridled gratitude, Home Instead is extending a heartfelt thank you to all its professional caregivers for their remarkable contributions and unwavering commitment to delivering care that truly makes a difference.

“All of us at Home Instead feel honoured and privileged to work alongside these exceptional professionals dedicated to the wellbeing of ageing adults.”

Ms McLaughlin went on to say that the dedication, compassion and unwavering commitment of “these remarkable individuals” was at the heart of Home Instead’s success.

Throughout Caregiver Appreciation Week, Home Instead will be rolling out various initiatives to demonstrate its gratitude and celebrate these exceptional caregivers. From heartfelt messages of appreciation to engaging activities such as coffee mornings and special events.

“Home Instead firmly believes that our Caregivers are the backbone of our organisation,” added Lorraine. “Their inspiring dedication to caring and their ability to connect with our clients and their families is truly awe-inspiring. We owe our success and the positive impact we make on individuals’ lives to their unwavering commitment and exceptional care.”

Home Instead invited the wider community to join them in celebrating the invaluable contributions of all caregivers: “Whether through sharing personal stories of gratitude, expressing appreciation on Home Instead’s social media channels, or simply reaching out to a caregiver to say ‘thank you’, everyone can play a part in honouring these extraordinary individuals who touch lives with their compassionate hearts,” said Ms McLaughlin .