Niall Horan on stage in Toronto.

Shout-outs for Clarke's Bar and Spar chicken fillet rolls at Niall Horan gig in Toronto

Clarke’s Bar and the famous chicken fillet rolls from Spar on Dominick Street in Mullingar got shout-outs when Niall Horan was performing in Canada last week.

A member of the audience at a gig in Toronto managed to attract the star’s attention and told him she had brought him something from his home town.

The exchange was captured in a social media post by iHeartRadio Canada.

“What have we got here?” he says as the fan hands over a small package.

“I hope you like it,” she responds.

There are laughs from the crowd as Niall gets to grips with a tightly wrapped little bag.

He opens it after a moment or two and holds something up: “Got a sticker from my local pub, from Clarke’s in Mullingar, where Lewis and myself did the Amazon thing – you remember that?

“I got a little friendship bracelet with a shamrock and the Canadian flag.”

He turns to thank the fan and she says: “Read what it says!”

Niall looks at it and says “yeah, it’s true – ‘Irish Baddie’.”

There are cheers as he looks around the stadium and, pointing at himself, he says, “all this face says is mean, and you all know it”.

Turning to the fan again, he says: “Well thank you very much. Did you enjoy Mullingar?”

She responds: “I went on a Sunday. I tried to get your chicken fillet... whatever?”

“Oh, chicken fillet roll. It was closed on a Sunday. Everyone was at Mass. That’s what that was.

“Well thank you for the gift, appreciate it,” he said as he slid it into his pocket.


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