The Bikeriders review: Jodie Comer steals the show in frantic motorcycle gang film

James Cox

The Bikeriders is the latest motorcycle drama to hit the big screen and it's well worth the watch thanks to powerful performances from Jodie Comer, Austin Butler and Tom Hardy, particularly Comer.

It charts the progress of a Midwestern motorcycle club over a decade, as it evolves from a group of bored motorcycle enthusiasts to a sprawling, criminal enterprise.

Think Sons of Anarchy with more good guys.

The Vandals are based on a real gang called the Outlaws, whose story was documented in a book by photographer Danny Lyon (played by Mike Faist in the film), who followed them at various points between 1965 and 1973.

Founder Johnny (Tom Hardy) and Benny (Austin Butler) share a brotherly bond, and Benny is willing to do anything for his friend and the club, to the despair of his wife Kathy (Comer).

Kathy's story, told in a thick Midwestern accent, is compelling and at times tragic as she tries to save her husband from his darker impulses.

She steals the show in the Jeff Nichols film.

The storytelling is brilliant and the violence on show is brutal at times.

As much as the story is about the fast living of an eccentric and eclectic group of misfits, it is also a commentary on the perils of masculinity.

It is at times funny, heartwarming and tragic, and well worth a watch.