Upgraded pumps at Portloaman Water Treatment Plant.

Upgrade of Portloman Treatment Plant safeguards Mullingar’s water supply - Uisce Éireann

The completion of the €8m upgrade works at the Portloman Water Treatment Plant on the outskirts of Mullingar will safeguard the town and wider area's water supply for decades to come, Uisce Éireann says.

The multi-million euro project underwent various critical upgrades to the drinking water supply and Uisce Éireann says that the upgrade "now provides a more reliable water supply for the existing homes and businesses". Located on the shores of Lough Owel, the plant supplies the homes and businesses of 63,000 people with drinking water and utilises a membrane ultrafiltration technology as the main treatment process.

The investment included replacing these membrane filters and optimising of the treatment process. A major energy efficiency upgrade was also included as part of the project by the installation of solar PV and high performing energy efficient pumps.

Speaking about the project, John McElwaine, programme manager with Uisce Éireann, says that the works improves water quality across the Mullingar area, as well as enhancing the water supply to homes and businesses.

“We are delighted with the success of the upgrade at the Portloman Water Treatment Plant. This project is of vital importance for residents and businesses in Mullingar and the surrounding areas. This treatment plant utilises unique membrane ultrafiltration technology as the main water treatment process. The completion of these works now safeguards the water supply in Mullingar presently and into the future.

“These works will also result in a major reduction in the energy consumed at the treatment plant with the installation of solar panels and energy efficient pumps. This will lead to significant reductions in the energy consumption over the coming years. We would like to thank the local community for their support and co-operation as we carried out this vital work."

160kW of solar panels have been installed on the roof of the treatment plant.

In a statement to the Westmeath Examiner, Uisce Éireann said that it is "committed to sustainable, eco-friendly infrastructure".

"The Portloman Water Treatment Plant upgrade demonstrates our dedication to energy efficiency and biodiversity. We installed 160kW solar panels, reducing carbon emissions by 39 tonnes annually, and energy-efficient pumps, saving 21 tonnes each year. Furthermore, we’ve reused the sludge dewatering centrifuge at another site in a sustainable way to the benefit of the public and environment, while our wildflower landscaping enhances the natural environment."

The works were carried out by Murphy Process Engineering on behalf of Uisce Éireann. For further information on the project, please check www.water.ie/projects/local-projects/portloman-water-treatment/.