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Polar low increases risk of snow in Westmeath this weekend

Story by Olga Aughey

Tuesday, 5th December, 2017 11:26am

Polar low increases risk of snow in Westmeath this weekend

A big change in our weather is forecast for this week, with temperatures dropping dramatically on Thursday, bringing an increased risk of snow to counties Westmeath and Longford over the weekend.

 Bitterly cold temperatures, severe frosts, icy roads and snow are all on the charts according to Cathal Nolan of Midland Weather Channel.

"The change will begin to happen on Wednesday night into Thursday morning, with temperatures averaging not higher than 3 - 5 degrees Celsius on Thursday, but because of a notherly breeze, it will feel closer to -2 and -3 degrees," Cathal tells the Westmeath Examiner.

"There will be some very showery conditions on Thursday and Friday which overnight could see a dusting of snow, particulary in midland counties to the north, so Westmeath and Longford are at an increased risk.

"From there it becomes unpredictable because of a more active weather system," continues Cathal, who explains that the adance of a polar low over the region could bring heavier falls of snow over the weekend.

"Saturday should see good sunny spells, but it will be very cold with frost lying on ground. Moving into Saturday night and Sunday morning, it all depends on the track of the weather system as to weather we will get sleet and snow, or a reasonable fall of snow. 

"Polar lows, basically referrsto a weather system which has originated over polar regions. Polar lows can potentially deliver large amounts of snow to locations which find themselves on the northern side of the associated rainfall and when temperatures are sufficiently low enough.

"So, while it’s too early to be sure of the exact timing and the temperatures involved, it is worth stating that there exists the potential for one or possibly even two falls of snow on Sunday morning and Monday morning. This, as previously stated, will depend upon the timing and the temperatures and the track of the system. However at present all three ingredients look to be in place

"The general picture for next week remains the same, with cold notherly winds affecting our weather."

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