Dramatic change in our weather forecast

Story by Olga Aughey

Monday, 9th July, 2018 12:36pm

Dramatic change in our weather forecast

Farmers are in for a reprieve this weekend as there's to be a dramatic change in our weather.

Exceptionally cold north easterly winds from Greenland will bring a drop in temperature by 8 - 10 degrees Celsius.

Cathal Nolan of the Midland Weather Channel says it will be the first substantial break to the fine weather in four weeks.

"It's due to arrive on Sunday July 15, which is actually St Swithin's Day. Anyone who familiar with St Swithin's Day will know that if it rains on that day, it's to last for forty days and forty nights or so the tradition goes."

For the next five days however, temperatures will remain between 22 - 27 degrees.

"The conditions for the next few days will remain very dry until the weekend. We are in a complete drought situation. Temperatures will remain well above average, but a substantial change at the weekend will bring a dramatic drop in temperatures to well below average," Cathal explains. 

"We could experience a decline of between 8 and 10 degrees. There won't be a return to our usual southwesterlies, but instead a substantial break in our weather that will see cold north westerly winds coming from Greenland. 

"It will be one extreme to the other and quite a shock to the system as a widespread cold front will bring our first substantial rainfall in four weeks." 

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