Award winning environmentalist to speak in Edgeworthstown

Thursday, 9th August, 2018 1:05pm

Award winning  environmentalist to speak in Edgeworthstown

Nicola Peel.

Nicola Peel, the award winning Australian environmentalist and filmmaker who has been working in the Ecuadorian Amazon for 18 years on environmental and social projects, will be the main speaker in The Green Pavilion, Edgeworthstown on Tuesday August 14 at 8pm.

Nicola is a guest of the Stop CETA Alliance of Ireland. (Continues below video.)



Nicola is working with the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest to help them deal with oils spills and contamination from the oil industry.

She is also involved in training farmers in agroforestry to prevent the slash and burn of tropical rainforests and has spearheaded the recycling of tons of plastic, turning this rubbish into a valuable resource.

Nicolas focus has been to find practical solutions to respond to those in need who are suffering due to resource extraction, poverty and climate change.

Her film ‘Blood of the Amazon’ tells the story of the world’s largest environmental lawsuit and investigates how the oil industry threatens a fragile rainforest environment.

Aside from Nicola’s practical work on the ground she also inspires us to look for solutions in the intelligence of nature, through the science of Biomimicry.

Nature is our greatest teacher and during her presentation she will give examples on some of the solutions found in it.

Admission is free. Donations can be made towards Nicola's travel and other expenses.

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