ShopMullingar Christmas initiative to launch online this evening

Thursday, 6th December, 2018 1:19pm

ShopMullingar Christmas initiative to launch online this evening

ShopMullingar, a new initiative aimed at raising awareness about the quality and benefits of locating business in Mullingar, is to launch online this evening at 6pm.

The project, which targets the Christmas period, is the brainchild of the InvestMullingar Stakeholder Group, which was launched in October. InvestMullingar was established by three key stakeholders with commercial property interests in Mullingar who are keen to promote the town. The initiative has attracted and formed a wider stakeholder group, who are committed to promoting Mullingar from a business and lifestyle perspective. 

InvestMullingar has had over 100k hits on its social media and web platforms, with an aim to grow over the coming years and become a leading promotional piece for the commercial interests of Mullingar town, highlighting the benefits of locating, living and doing business there.

ShopMullingar goals / objectives
1.  Promotion – To promote street retail and shopping in the town of Mullingar in the week before Christmas 2018
2.  Promoters – To bring all key stakeholders together to achieve the main goal
3.  Funding – To raise funds and to create a promotion that succeeds in achieving the main goal
4.  Activity – To promote this activity in a positive light and draw regional and national attention to Mullingar as a town to live and do business in
5.  Continuity – To continue to promote the town and its businesses throughout Christmas 2018

This promotion is aimed to attract shoppers who might otherwise not do so, to shop in Mullingar in the week leading up to Christmas 2018 [Monday December 17 to Friday December 21].

Key points – €5k in 5 Days
1.  Prizes – There are five prizes of €1k over each of the five days leading up to Christmas
2.  Period – Monday December 17 to Friday December 21 [6am to 12 midnight]
3.  Promoters – This is part of the Invest Mullingar initiative under the ShopMullingar brand. All costs in running the promotion are covered by the promoters by way of stakeholder support from key stakeholders. There is no cost to retailers or traders in running this promotion other than contributions they may have made to be stakeholder in this promotion. For further information please click
4.  Retail outlets – All retailers in Mullingar are eligible outlets; this includes restaurants, bars, garages, pharmacies, travel agents, clothes shops and more
5.  Entrants – There are no restrictions on entry and you can enter as often as you like
6.  Spend and validation – Entrants must spend more than €25 and pay by debit or credit card, keeping a receipt or scan as proof and validation of purchase
7.  Draw – The draw will take place at 10am on Saturday December 22 announcing winning time in the HH:MM:SS format, and published by 11am that day on all media outlets
8.  Deadline – The deadline to claim prize is 11am on Monday December 24
9.  Closest time / winning time – The nearest receipt and debit/credit card validation to this time wins the prize each day
10.  Disputes – The organisers’ decision will be final
11.  Disqualification – Parties or people connected to the organisers cannot be winners of the prize[s]

The basic idea is that if you shop in Mullingar on the days from Monday December 17 to Friday December 21, 2018 (inclusive) and spend more than €25 [keeping the receipt and paying by credit or debit card as validation of purchase] you are in a draw to win €1k on the day[s] on which you shopped. The entry time is from 6am to 12 midnight each day, and includes all retail outlets in the town of Mullingar, shops, bars, restaurants, cafes etc.

At 10am on Saturday December 22, a draw will be held to select an hour, minute and second which will be the winning time each day. Persons with receipts and validation of purchase closest to that time each day win €1k. The winning time will be published at 11am on December 22 and winners have 48 hours to present their receipts and validation of purchase, and to receive prizes. The aim is to be done at noon on Christmas Eve. Prizes will be given out in the form of shopping vouchers to the value of €1k redeemable in the town of Mullingar.

Detailed terms and conditions
1.  This promotion runs from 6am to midnight on the five days, Monday December 17 to Friday December 21, 2018 [the promotion period]
2.  Anyone who shops in Mullingar during the promotion period and spends more than €25 may enter this promotion
3.  To promote shopping in the town, all retail outlets in the town are eligible outlets during the promotion period [bars, cafes, restaurants, shops etc] and receipts or validation of purchase from those outlets will be eligible to enter
4.  The entrant must spend more than €25 and retain the receipt [with date and time thereon] for this purchase
5.  The purchase must be made by way of debit or credit card as a form of validation of purchase [to validate the date and time]
6.  Receipts presented without debit or credit card validation will not be eligible to win any prizes as part of this promotion
7.  At 10am on Saturday December 22, the organisers will draw a winning time by way or hour, minute and second that will become the winning time
8.  The winning time will be announced on social media and online at 11am on Saturday December 22
9.  Winners will have until 11am on Monday December 24 to present their receipts and validation of purpose to claim their prize
10.  The receipt that is issued at a time nearest to the winning time each day will be awarded the €1k prize for that day
11.  The €1k prize for each day will be awarded in the form of shopping vouchers valid in retail outlets in Mullingar to the value of €1k
12.  The prize is not negotiable or redeemable in cash
13.  No persons connected to the promoters may win any prize as part of this promotion
14.  This promotion is organized by ShopMullingar and InvestMullingar, funded by the relevant stakeholder group and aims to promote shopping in Mullingar in the week leading up to Christmas 2018
15.  ShopMullingar and InvestMullingar accept no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever caused to any participants or entrants to this promotion
16.  Where any dispute arises, the promoters’ decision will be final
17.  For further information, please contact

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