Facebook page about local suicide prevention support services

A Facebook Page called “Mullingar, fighting suicide one life at a time” has been set up to offer advice and information about local suicide prevention support services in Mullingar.Its creator told the Westmeath Examiner that “People turn to the internet for information and advice all the time.Online is a great place to offer people information. It is where their community exists and where they interact. People I hope to use facebook to highlight all the support services available in the town: “It is important that people know what is out there to help them. There are support services available in Mullingar, for people who see no hope, who are experiencing unbearable emotional and mental pain.One post on the site instructs readers:“In Mullingar and feeling down? There are a wide range of supports and services that can help in a crisis, including: Our local GP or family doctor. GP out-of-hours co-operative services, Accident and Emergency departments of general hospitals and voluntary support services such as Samaritans.”The site, which has been posting pictures of Mullingar to give its readers a “sense of place” hopes to continually inform people who have “liked” the site with information about help, news articles and personal testimony:”Its important if people are feeling down that they find someone to listen to, be it their GP or the Samaritans. The site's main role is to steer vulnerable and distressed people towards safe places where they can find the help they need and someone who will listen to them.”The community page already has 521 subscribers and the site creator, can be contacted directly at Mullingarfightingsuicide@gmail.com.

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