Half million euro Lottery prize in Delvin!

Half million euro Lottery prize in Delvin!

LUCKY WESTMEATH! A lottery ticket worth more than half a million euro has been sold in Delvin.

Sara Orme and Paul Williams, proprietors of Daybreak Delvin, took at call from the National Lottery HQ last night to inform them that one of their customers had matched five and a bonus and won €516,000!

Sara said the Lottery rep told her it is the largest amount ever paid out on a match five and bonus.

The prize is typically €70,000 or €80,000 and sometimes goes to €100,000.

This time there was a rollover and it went to more than €500,000.

“There is great excitement around the shop and the whole village,” said Sara this morning.

“It’s great!

“Hopefully it’s somebody with a mortgage and a family and they can use it to pay off their bills!”

The team at Daybreak Delvin are celebrating having sold a winner! From left, Margaret Bray, Stu Wells, Nicola Douglas, Sara Orme and Paul Williams.

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