Lock your cars, warn gardaí

Lock your cars, warn gardaí

The gardaí in Mullingar have renewed a warning to owners of vehicles to ensure their vehicles are locked at all times, particularly when parked up overnight.

The warning comes amid reports that up to 12vehicles were entered in the Lakepoint housing estate in the past couple of nights.

According to a garda spokesperson, the fact that no damage was caused to the cars was indicative of the fact they had been unlocked.

One owner reported that goods to the value of €20 had been removed from their vehicle, which was parked outside their dwelling on Tueday, December 11.

Other cars were also entered and contents were scattered around though there have been no further reports of thefts from the vehicles.

Gardaí are of the belief that in the run up to the festive season, people are targeting housing estates in Mullingar and other areas of the county, in the hope of finding unlocked vehicles which might contain gifts or other valuables.

The message is very clear, car owners should ensure their vehicles, similar to their homes or other property, are secure at all times in order to deter criminal activity.

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