Rochfortbridge students' art exhibition opens at Atrium tomorrow

Rochfortbridge students' art exhibition opens at Atrium tomorrow

Tomorrow, Thursday December 20, at 5pm a special exhibition of art work will open in the Atrium Gallery in Westmeath County Council buildings Mullingar.

It comprises the best of the art, craft and design work produced by art students from St Joseph’s Secondary School, Rochfortbridge over the school year. 

Art teacher Jen Gallagher said: “Each year our students produce a huge volume of artwork but it rarely gets seen outside the school. 

“Many of our students will go on to pursue careers in art, craft, design, film-making, costume design, photography or fashion – to name but a few of the possibilities. 

“This exhibition allows them the opportunity to showcase their work in a pubic setting at an early age helping them to develop confidence in their work.” 

As the exhibition went up over the last few days, the high quality of the pieces on display was clearn, especially considering the young age of the artists involved. 

Both the school’s art teachers and some fifth year students were kept busy curating and displaying the work. 

Art Teacher Niamh Sweeney said: “The students themselves are excited at having their work exhibited in a public place and for the opportunity for it to be viewed by their friends and family over the Christmas holidays. 

“Too often really beautiful artwork is hidden away as students are highly critical and nervous of their work being judged by others.”

The exhibition is open for public viewing until January 4, and students may collect their work from the gallery on the morning of January 5 if they wish to.

If not it will be available for collection in the school on its return in the new year.




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