Mullingar Credit Union to feature in first-of-its-kind RTÉ One television series

Mullingar Credit Union to feature in first-of-its-kind RTÉ One television series

Mullingar Credit Union is to feature in a new eight-part RTÉ One series titled The Borrowers, commencing on Tuesday April 16 at 8.30pm.

The fly-on-the-wall programme will take viewers behind the scenes and into a credit union loan office, for the first time ever on Irish television. 

Viewers will see real Mullingar Credit Union members applying for loans, and hear all of the unique reasons behind the loan applications. 

Mullingar Credit Union’s popular loan officers, Rose Cosgrove and Colette Dolan, feature prominently in the show. 

Rose Cosgrove (left) and Colette Dolan.

Along with Mullingar Credit Union, the show also follows other borrowers’ stories in Cara (in Tralee), St Dominic (in Waterford) and Heritage (in Dublin) Credit Unions. 

Tom Allen, manager of Mullingar Credit Union, said: “We are very excited for everyone, but especially our members and the Mullingar community, to see The Borrowers. 

“The programme really showcases our ethos and our commitment to the community, and the way our loan officers go above and beyond every day to help our members achieve their dreams and goals.

“From Christenings, to the first day at school, to going to college, to buying a first car, to the dream wedding, to home improvements, to farm or other business loans, to funerals, we are always here for our members every step of the way, and it’s fantastic to see this highlighted in the series. 

“Of course, as viewers will see, we are also open to the more unusual loan requests at Mullingar Credit Union, but I don’t want to give anything away!”

Tom said there are some unforgettable moments in the show courtesy of loan officers, Colette and Rose, while the borrowers are, of course, the stars of the show. 

“Each of the eight episodes is at times heart-warming, entertaining and tear-jerking – viewers will not want to miss a moment,” said Tom.

“If anyone watching the show feels like they could benefit from our services at the credit union, I would encourage them to call in to us or contact us on 044 9348817. 

“The membership process couldn’t be easier and our friendly staff are always available to talk through any questions you might have.”

The series was filmed and produced by Alleycat Films, an award-winning documentary and television production company.

Director and executive producer with Alleycat Films, Des Henderson, said of the series: “The idea for this series first came to me when I was sitting across from a loan officer in my local credit union and applying for a loan. 

“I realised that in that situation, you end up more or less telling the loan officer your life story and chatting about how your life is going. 

“It struck me that this was something unique, and I knew it would make for a great television series.

“I was also exited at the prospect that it would be the first time ever on Irish television that the public would get a peek into what could be considered the most secretive room in the country – the credit union loan office! 

“I’m really proud of this series, and across each of the eight episodes, viewers will have the opportunity to hear the real-life reasons behind credit union loan applications. 

“To quote one of the great loan officers in The Borrowers, ‘all of life is in the credit union’ and viewers will certainly get to see that in this series.”

The Borrowers, RTÉ One, Tuesdays at 8.30pm, commencing on Tuesday April 16.


Episode one features Gary O’Shea and his father Eugene, who are squabbling over a car in Mullingar; Thomas, who needs private surgery to save his sight; and country music singer Michael, who is hoping to make it in Nashville.

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