Burke presses for advanced technology unit for Mullingar

Burke presses for advanced technology unit for Mullingar

The case for an advance factory in Mullingar was raised last week with the IDA’s CEO, Martin Shanahan.

A meeting was held between Mr Shanahan and Deputy Peter Burke, “specifically to discuss job creation in the Mullingar area”, Deputy Burke said this week.

Set up by An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, the meeting also saw a case made for providing advanced technology units in the town.

“From talking to businesses and SMEs in the area and in other locations, it is clear that an advanced factory/technology unit is a highly beneficial facility to have in a town,” Deputy Burke said, adding that one of his key priorities since his election is securing further investment and increased infrastructure for Mullingar.

“When prospective businesses are surveying locations, we could then say in Mullingar that we are ready to facilitate them setting up immediately and they could hitting the ground running.

Deputy Burke, a member of the Oireachtas Finance and Public Accounts Committee, also acknowledged the positive work the local authority is making to further the project.

“Westmeath County Council is playing a key role in this, and after discussing the matter with members of the council, including Cllr Andrew Duncan, I understand they have agreed to apply for planning for permission for advanced units which shows significant buy in from all local stakeholders,” he said.

“The wheels are in place to further the project and I am liaising with Martin and others in the IDA to progress this.

“There has been increased interest in Mullingar in recent months and pressure is being put on from all sides to ensure this results in investment, job creation and growth for Mullingar.

“I have always favoured dialogue over criticism and protest, and while it could be levelled that growth has been Dublin-centred in the past, there is now a recognition that regional Ireland needs to be prioritised. I have witnessed this from both government and the IDA.

“Mullingar has huge potential, and we have seen how highly skilled technology and robotics companies have thrived, such as Trend, Robotics and Drives and TEG, who recently announced 50 new jobs for their site in Forest Park. And this is just one sector.

“We need to continue to strengthen these and our other key sectors and highlight to prospective businesses the major benefits of locating in Mullingar.

“I continue to work hard on this and an am hopeful we will yield results in the coming period.”

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