Regional Hospital Mullingar has ‘no capacity' at present

Regional Hospital Mullingar has ‘no capacity' at present


The Regional Hospital Mullingar and it’s Emergency Department (ED) have issued an immediate public notice today that they are completely backed up with the number of patients waiting for admission, writes Tommy Gavin.


The notice requests that people should consider all their care and treatment options before presenting at the ED. They may face a considerable wait time as the hospital is forced to prioritise its care for the patients who need it most urgently. However, people presenting with serious injuries will receive attention.


“We apologise for the distress and inconvenience caused to patients or their loved ones who are experiencing long wait times. We are working with all teams to identify patients ready for discharge and we’re doing everything possible to ensure patients are admitted as soon as possible. Yesterday evening the department was very busy from 5pm onwards and this may be the situation this evening also.”


The notice acknowledges that this is a “challenging time for our hospital” but that patients are receiving safe care thanks to frontline staff.

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