‘Nine Months’ – the story of Irish women

‘Nine Months’ – the story of Irish women

‘Breaking the 4th Wall’, a Galway-based theatre group are bringing a play called ‘Nine Months’ to Mullingar Arts Centre later this month.

The show, based on interviews of Galway and Mayo women, will also be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, following its Irish tour.

The group describe it as “a kaleidoscope of Irish stories which provokes the question: have things changed for women in Ireland?’.

“It touches on contemporary and historical issues that relate to pregnancy and childcare over the last 50 years.”

Nine Months is a series of montages and the separate stories are weaved together into a continuous narrative, with music as the link.

Nine Months is written, devised and performed by Imelda Reynolds and Frances Moylan, and is directed by Michael Irwin.

According to Breaking the 4th Wall, the power of the piece is the juxtaposition of the bleak and dark elements alongside the funny and absurd realities concerning childcare and parenting.

“This creates a hysterical, roller-coaster experience for the audience and performers. The comedic devices of satire, irony and parody are used within the narratives, making unpleasant truths more palatable to the audience. Through laughter, the audience are wooed to an alternative perspective.”

Breaking the 4th Wall was established in 2019. The co-creators aim to develop a reputation in Ireland for devising innovative theatre, bearing witness to people’s stories, by taking them from page to stage.

The company is passionate about the authenticity of true stories which are central to the creative process.

The performance of ‘Nine Month’s will be supported by the comedian Johnny Graham and songwriter and folk singer Mick Browne.”

Audiences can be prepared for a captivating, high-energy theatrical journey with crowd participation, where they will see characters transform with each new narrative.

“Expect to experience laughter and discomfort simultaneously, where laughter is never far from tears.”

It’s at Mullingar Arts Centre on Friday June 21.

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