It's 10 degrees colder than this time last year

It's 10 degrees colder than this time last year

Olga Aughey

The weather has been fairly poor for June, even by Irish standards, with the heatwave of last year seeming like a very distant memory!

According to Cathal Nolan of the Midland Weather Channel, the mercury value is at east 10 degrees colder than June 2018.

"The British Met Office has labelled the reason for this - the Omega Pressure System, where basically a high pressure system is sandwiched between two low pressure systems, with none of them moving anywhere," explains Cathal.

"The high pressure is just to the north of us, so Scandinavia has been having quite nice weather, while Eastern Europe have a low pressure system but with warmer temperatures than we're getting here.

"Meanwhile we're under the second low pressure system, but with a northwesterly wind, so that's why it has been so cold and wet here. We're have maximum temperatures of 12-14 degrees maximum, daily.

But it's not all bad news as Cathal believes temperatures should return to more normal values next week.

"It will improve somewhat next week, with figures of 18-20 degrees on Monday and Tuesday and prolonged spells of sunshine.

"Wednesday will see temperatures of 17-19 degrees but with heavy thundery downpours in the afternoon.

"On Thursday and Friday then, it will be mostly dry and mostly sunny, with values of 18 degrees."

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