Luan launch for Tyrrellspass artist’s book

Tyrrellspass artist Celine Sheridan’s new book, ‘If We Were Pheasants’, combines original etching style drawings and writing to explore the parallels between human and bird mating rituals.

Enveloped in a green velvet jacket, the inside pages – adorned with pink text and images – tell the story of a female pheasant, her rooster and his harem of mates in this limited edition fine art publication.

Celine Sheridan is a full-time arts practitioner based in Tyrrellspass. A mother of two boys, her artistic practice relates to themes of motherhood, gender, femininity, physicality, the body, child development and psychoanalysis.

Informed by her life and experiences of raising children in a contemporary Irish rural setting, Celine’s work often challenges and confronts; investigating and raising questions about equality, gender and societal roles.

Working in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media, Celine often relates her work to the animal kingdom.

“I am particularly interested in sexual dimorphism and the mating rituals and dances of different animal species, as well as the bizarre tendency to apply human traits and emotions to animals and birds. I discussed my ideas in great detail with Dr Nicola Marples, a professor of Zoology in Trinity College Dublin, whom I visited as part of my research.”

‘If We Were Pheasants’ is a contemporary artwork, which takes the form of a book and in adopting this new and familiar format, Celine reinvents the project which began life a decade ago.

“‘If We Were Pheasants’ emerged 10 years ago while undertaking a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts Practice at IADT, Dublin,” she said.

“My practice was then, and still is, autobiographical, and my research at that time focused on monogamy and marriage as I had just become engaged to my partner. Ten years later, I revisited the drawings and the intention to create an artist’s book soon emerged.”

‘If We Were Pheasants’ is published by Read That Image, Dublin and will be officially launched by artist David Newton at a reception in the Luan Gallery on Saturday, June 29, at 3pm, all are welcome to attend.

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