Gardaí beaten by youths in EYE’s annual soccer friendly

Gardaí beaten by youths in EYE’s annualsoccer friendly

There might’ve been a bit of controversy at the annual football match between the community gardaí and the young people involved on the Mullingar EYE project last Tuesday.

That’s if we can believe Joan O’Connor, co-ordinator of the EYE project... Joan explained to the Westmeath Examiner, tongue firmly in cheek!

“We’re doing a community policing joint initiative with Mullingar EYE and the YoYo Cafe young people. We had a friendly seven-a-side game of football. It was really friendly on our side and we won 5-4, and the four for the guards were scored by our sub! Because they couldn’t score.

“It was a really good game – apart from the community sergeant biting one of the community guards. Other than that it was an excellent game!”

Joan was joking, of course, but there was a serious side to a fun day, as Jim Rock, garda juvenile liason officer in Mullingar, explained. “We work closely with the project here at the army barracks, which is led by Joan O’Connor, and we play an annual match, as we have played here today.

“Unfortunately we lost out on the odd goal, but anyway it was a great day out, everybody had a bit of fun and it’s great co-operation between the local community and the gardaí here in Mullingar – so hopefully next year, we’ll win the game.”

Sgt Roger Nicholson said: “On behalf of the Community Policing Unit, we have worked consistently all year with the youth project. The staff have been marvellous in the work they’ve done with the local kids – all year their manners and behaviour have been impeccable and it’s a great credit to both themselves and the staff, and everybody who works with them.

“Today we had a great sporting game. Everybody came out, they cheered on both teams and we all had a great bit of fun and co-operation, and I hope that it continues into the future. It’s a credit to all involved.”

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