Westmeath's top Garda leaves role after three weeks

Photo shows, Chief Supt Johanna O'Leary.

The Chief Superintendent of the Westmeath Garda Division has left her role for a new position in the force, less than three weeks after being appointed.

Johanna O'Leary was only assigned to the top Garda role in the county on July 29, however she has now been appointed to set up the organisation's new anti-corruption unit.

The new unit, which is expected to be operational before the end of the year, will investigate allegations of corruption made against members of the force.

Speaking earlier this year, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said that the new unit will also be proactive when it comes to stamping out corrupt activities.

“They could be things like drugs, inappropriate associations with criminal gangs and inappropriate behaviour towards vulnerable victims, towards vulnerable females in particular.

“There is no room for those in the organisation who would behave in such a way which is either crime or well outside the standards of behaviour that I, and the public, expect of members of An Garda Síochána," he said.

The Chief Superintendent of Meath Garda Division, Fergus Healy, has been temporarily appointed to also lead the Westmeath division.

According to a draft Garda report, the two neighbouring divisions are set to merge as part of an organisational restructure, a move that has been criticised by local politicians.

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