Tyrrellspass GAA/LGFA 2020 Challenge for Pieta House

Tyrrellspass GAA/LGFA 2020 Challenge for Pieta House

Tyrrellspass GAA/LGFA have joined forces in a quest to run or walk 2020 kilometres by May 9 in order to raise money for Pieta House.

The 2020Challenge is an inclusive incentive so everyone in the community of all fitness levels and ages can join in. The walk or run can be completed within your 2km radius, your garden, while working, doing housework or walking the dogs! There is no minimum distance required, as it will all add up.

The challenge started on Sunday April 19, and will finish on May 9, the day in which Pieta House’s main fundraiser ‘Darkness Into Light’ was scheduled to take place.

Everyone who joins the fun is asked to make a donation of their choice through a link which is on the Tyrrellspass LGFA and GAA pages on Instagram and Facebook. The donation goes straight to Pieta House.

The original target of €500 was surpassed in the first day due to a phenomenal response to the challenge by the community, with €538.65 raised. The new target is €800, which the club is hoping to surpass.

The Tyrrellspass 2020Challenge was inspired by the news that the ‘Darkness Into Light’ annual walk was going to be postponed. Laura Gaye, Chairperson of Tyrrellspass LFGA and also player said the club wanted to fundraise for a charity which is linked to the Tyrrellspass community.

“Pieta House work on suicide awareness, prevention and provide support for families but also communities and unfortunately our small village has felt the impact of suicide in recent years. We believe that Pieta House is a charity that people, families and communities can, have and will continue to turn to for support,” said Laura.

Recently, Pieta House has also introduced ‘Resilience Academy’, which introduces Mental Health Awareness into Secondary Schools to raise awareness among teenagers.

Laura recognises the importance of Mental Health and how the Tyrrellspass initiative can help the Mental Health of everyone all ages.

“Everyone can participate in this challenge, getting out and walking or running 1km or 2km can clear your head because I am sure being cooped up at home has taken its toll on a lot of people!” she said.

“We want to encourage people to support a great cause while also helping themselves.

“We are literally a community coming together while staying apart and I know our community can go beyond the target set for the 2020Challenge.”

Tyrrellspass player and nurse in University Hospital Galway, Amy Alford is busy working on the frontline but is delighted to have something to focus on when she finishes her work shift but is going to count the many kilometres she walks on the wards in Galway. She believes the 2020Challenge is bringing everyone in the community together not just those that play GAA.

“It is instilling purpose and determination and enables every age group and ability to stay active. As a club member, it is a great feeling to use our training and benefit to benefit a charity like Pieta House,” she said.

Amy also spoke about life with no training or games and her perspective as a nurse.

“As a team we were doing runs and online ‘Zoom’ circuit sessions so we thought why not use those runs and create a motivation to do more. I don’t think we have seen each other as much being honest!

“We are posting photos into the group, having circuit sessions online twice per week but sometimes if there are a few girls free we will just do another one!

“As a nurse, I see on a daily basis that there is more to life than football but this challenge just shows that the GAA is at the centre of our community.”

Like the rest of the club, Jamie Gonoud has also been adding kilometres to help his club reach the 2020 target, and he sees the benefit it is having on the community.

“The collective effort in the community has been unbelievable so far,” said Jamie. “The challenge has brought the community together at a time where we are physically distant.

“Everyone on both teams has their grandparents, parents, friends, family all rowing in.”

The challenge will be completed every day and will run until May 9. Send your photos on social media and use the hashtag #TYRRELLSPASS2020CHALLENGE.

If you wish to donate you can click the link on Tyrrellspass LGFA or Tyrrellspass GAA Instagram or GAA pages.

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