At the St Feichin's football Gathering in Fore were (back from left) Martin Healy, John Williams, Johnny Keating, Ciara McLaverty, Mick McCormack, Mick Rynne, Seamus Allen, Joan Broderick, Karl Gammel, Noel Briody, Mary Broderick, Gerry Farrelly and John Lynch; (front) Noel Brennan, Jimmy Ward, Mich

A minute's silence to mark a Gathering

“In the tradition of this community and in the tradition of the GAA we will name those who have passed and we will honour them and remember them with a minute’s silence; Tee Lynch, Mickey Robinson, Billy Boylan, Matthew Kevan, Mick Healy, Martin O’Brien, Brian Daly and Michael McCormack, Ankerland.”

It was immediate, the susurration of pub chatter, the sound of glasses being charged and emptied, burgers being placed in buns and salad tossing, all ceased, while 200 people gathered in Fore for the Gathering of St Feichin’s football team hung their heads and remembered those who were not there. The evening had a much more raucous beginning as the men of St Feichin’s lined out again against the men of Bal.

Marius Reilly did his best to play an advantage towards the men of Bal, but many a red card was served to bring a certain equilibrium to the pitch, an even playing field.

But as many women on the side lines remarked: “Those St Feichin men were still fit and fine enough to look for a place on any men’s team.”

Okay, it was Orla Gallagher that said it, but she meant every word.

The minute’s silence was at the invitation of Seamus McDermott ahead of a presentation of medals to the players – men and women who played in the fields around Fore as St Feichin’s Football Club in the ’70s who had returned to the village to remember good times.

“We may not have won any big competitions but we were great and they were good times. To see so many coming together for a reunion in Fore is just brilliant,” said Jimmy Ward, who was one of the organisers.

The event was also a fundraiser for St Feichin’s National School in Fore.