Troy ‘unlikely' to support abortion bill in Dáil vote

Just one of Longford Westmeath’s four TDs intends voting against the government this week on the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Bill.

Deputy Troy, who last week was one of 24 TDs who voted against the bill during last week’s second stage, says it is “highly unlikely” that he will be supporting the bill during Wednesday’s vote on the issue.

Deputy James Bannon, who had expressed grave reservations about anything that might permit abortion in any form, had been expected to be one of the TDs who might vote against the government on the issue, but he voted in support of it. Support for the bill came also from Deputies Willie Penrose and Nicky McFadden, which had been anticipated.

Deputy Troy said that as things stand, he will not be supporting the bill on Wednesday. “We have to wait and see what comes back from the committee and report stage, but all the indications are that there is going to be no major change to the legislation,” he said.

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