Midlands Career Expo - For a Better Future

Midlands Career Expo - For a Better Future

A lot of interest is being generated in anticipation of the Midlands Career Expo (www.midlandscareerexpo.ie) which is being held in the National Science Park, Mullingar on Saturday March 23. 

More than Over 30 companies from Westmeath, Longford, Offaly and Laois are participating and have 200-plus new positions exist in sales, IT, engineering, quality, finance and administration. 

The economy continues to expand resulting in the need for staff to meet growing customer demand. 

There are a lot of advantages to working in the midlands.

The quality of life is superb, with excellent leisure facilities and sporting organisations.

The midland schools are very well resourced and highly regarded nationally. 

Housing is cheaper and to a higher quality than what is available in Dublin. 

These are great reasons for living and working in the Midlands, without even considering the daily grind of commuting. 

If you are in this situation, come along and meet the companies on the day. 

Take a few hours to drive around afterwards. 

You will see high quality housing, the best of primary and secondary schools, every sort of leisure activity and most importantly of all a community which is very open and welcoming. 

The midlands gives you the opportunity to live close to your workplace, eliminating your commuting time and allowing you to attend more of those precious family events. 

You will have time to get involved in the community, rather than just live in it. 

There are opportunities available for young and old alike. 

Companies value experience and welcome the opportunity to meet older applicants. 

Even if you do not see a suitable job for your skills, visit the companies and chat with them. 

It is always good to establish contact and hear what positions are likely to arise in the future. 

Introduce yourself to your target company, so that they will remember you when a suitable position is open. 

The Chamber of Commerce is hosting this event, which is a strong statement of confidence in the economic future of the midlands. 

There is a limited number of places available for companies who still wish to participate in this event. 

Contact Frank at 087-644 3742 or visit the website. 

Mullingar Chamber – serving the community.


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