The burned out car in Sonna.

Cash-in-transit van robbery in Mullingar

Gardai in Mullingar have launched an investigation after a robbery during a cash-in-transit van delivery to a bank in the town this morning.

The robbery occurred shortly before 10.30am this morning when a cash-in-transit was making a delivery to the Bank of Ireland branch in the centre of the town. The delivery was being made to the bank entrance of the branch, which is located on Blackhall Street.

According to an eye witness that the Westmeath Examiner spoke to as the courier was taking the cash from van, a vehicle, believed to be a dark colured BMW estate, stopped next to it.

A passenger from car who was was wearing a motorcycle helmet and a hi-vis jacket, got out and snatched the cash from the courier before jumping back into the vehicle , which then sped off.

The courier was unhurt in the incident which was over in a matter of seconds. Gardai say that there was a sizeable amout of cash was taken.

Around half an hour after the robbery a BMW estate was found on fire close to the national school in Sonna around 12 kilometers from Mullingar. It is believed to be the same vehicle that was used in the robbery.

Mullingar Gardai have launched an investigation and have appealed for anyone who may have witnessed anything suspicious around Blackhall Place or the Sonna area to contact the station.


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