'I hope this brings a ray of light and hope to anyone who needs it'

Jerome Cully of Mullingar Beekeeping Services is a man that’s in touch with nature.

He has sent us a lovely little tale which is worth sharing.

“I had a trailer in storage with timber and steel cabinets on it. It was in a shed for about six months, and I needed it to move a few beehives at the weekend.

“But that didn’t happen.

“A grey wagtail decided to take up residence, build her nest, and rear four chicks in it.

“I just spotted the nest before I started unloading the trailer.

“The mother wagtail let me know she was there and flew few feet on to the ground and chirped her warning.

“Then I spotted her brood – four beautiful chicks. Their eyes aren’t even open.

“I left her to it and back she went to chicks.

“It would reinforce your faith in the World.

“I wish them a successful two weeks until they’re fledglings and hope Mr Tom Cat isn’t around”

“I was tempted to put a protection box around them, but that may cause her to abandon the nest, so I decided against it and left them alone.

“This nest is about 1km from a small river. The greg wagtail usually nests close to a water source.

“God bless them and keep them safe.

“I hope everyone is healthy and happy and this brings a ray of light and hope to anyone who needs it.”

– Jerome.