Berty Dunne of the Annebrook House Hotel with his grand daughter, Glenda.

Little Drummer Girl charms Annebrook audience

Glenda Dunne is 5 and full of spark! Her grandfather is Berty Dunne, owner of the Annebrook House Hotel, and it was there that she gave a stirring performance on the drums for Gaelic Brew earlier this evening.

The story is that Glenda’s mother Lauren Crowley knows Gaelic Brew through her father’s Cork connections.

They are playing two gigs at the Annebrook this week, and after the Tuesday one they stayed with Lauren.

“They’re friends of my dad, and on Tuesday they played in the marquee from 6 to 8, and in the Guinness area from 11 to 1, and then came back to my house, and we had a bit of a sing-song.

“So Glenda woke up of course, with the noise, and came down, and was pretending to do the drums. She asked Evin, the lead singer of the band, if she could perform with them the next time they came to Mullingar.

“He promised her, said 'yes, you can, you can play with us on Thursday'.”

So that’s what happened in the marquee at the Annebrook this evening. Evin introduced a special guest artist, and Glenda took the stage to the delight of the audience.

She then gave it socks on the drums!