From left, Annette Barr-Jordan and Brigid Geoghegan, Westmeath County Council, Kathleen Shaw and Shay Murtagh.

Shay ‘makes concrete – not speeches!’

Pride of Place adjudicators visit Raharney

‘The Third Place’ is a wonderful community building right beside the church in Raharney – and local businessman Shay Callaghan, the man behind the project explained the meaning behind the name.

“The first place is home; the second place is work; and the third place is community,” said Shay. Proprietor of Shay Murtagh Concrete, Mr Murtagh said that at the firm there are several nationalities represented on the workforce, including Lithuanians, Latvians and Portuguese, and all those had been included in the creation of The Third Place.

“But…,” he said before finishing his few brief words, “I make concrete: I don’t make speeches!”

Other photos from the day

The stunning flower display in this garden is the work of 12-year old Aaron Mulvaney, who also maintains a wildflower bed in the Ashcroft estate, reveal (from left) Ashcroft and Village Close residents group members Ashling Goss, Ann Mulvaney, Teresa Murtagh and Susan Mullen. Photo by Eilis Ryan
The grotto in Raharney, opened in 1969, holds a special place in local hearts, and is maintained to a high standard by Joe Mullen and the local CE team. Pictured at the grotto were, from left, Rosie McCormack of Westmeath Community Development (WCD) and Anne Campbell, ex-WCD. Photo by Eilis Ryan
Enjoying a cup of tea at The Third Place, David Mullen, Eddie Mitchell and Kathleen Shaw. Photo by Eilis Ryan
Providing welcome sustenance at The Third Place, Gerry O'Connor and John Morrissey. Photo by Eilis Ryan
Making sure no-one went hungry: Julie Dunne and Margo Fitzsimons. Photo by Eilis Ryan