Christmas Q&A: John Shaw

Favourite Christmas film and song?

I watched Elf with the kids recently and we got a great laugh from it. Fairytale of New York is my favourite Christmas song.

2. Who cooks Christmas dinner in your house? What’s your favourite part?

I’ll be cooking dinner this year with some help from Lisa. Turkey is the best part of the dinner for me.

3. Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

Traditions and routines have changed over the years, but St Stephen’s Day in Raharney is one we never miss.

4. What’s your best Christmas memory?

Playing with a new football Santy brought for me on Christmas Day.

5. How do you spend Christmas afternoon?

After dinner, depending on the weather, we might go for a walk; after that, very little happens.

6. Are you an organised shopper or a Christmas Eve one?

I generally have all my shopping done early, but, in fairness, Lisa does the majority of the Christmas shopping in our house.

7. Are you planning on making a new year’s resolution?

Not really, but I’ll be looking forward to the bright evenings and the return to sport.