Stars come out in Tyrrellspass

Wednesday, 3rd July, 2013 2:02pm

Stars come out in Tyrrellspass

Tara Breathnach, Muireann Bird and Gerard McCarthy star in a movie being shot in Tyrrellspass and Daingean over the next three weeks.

Filming on a new period feature film has started in Daingean and Tyrrellspass. The film, A Nightingale Falling, boasts an impressive cast and will shoot for three weeks.

It is based on the novel of the same name by PJ Curtis and it is set against the backdrop of a turbulent, war-torn Ireland in the early 1920s.

The film stars Tara Breathnach, Muireann Bird and Gerard McCarthy, who was most recently seen in the BBC series The Fall. Other cast members include Andy Kellegher (Game of Thrones), Rose Henderson (Fair City), Brian Fortune (Game of Thrones) and Elliot Moriarty (The Tudors).

A number of Daingean natives will also star in the film, including Martin McCourtney, Paul Keating and Pat McEvoy.

A Nightingale Falling is a story of a household and its inhabitants caught in the crucible of the merciless politics, cruelties and hardships of the period. It is also a story of love, and the dark secrets that lead to broken hearts.

The film is produced by Offaly-based Mixed Bag Media, and it combines the efforts of a professional crew and many skilled workers who for the first time are making the transition into film. These include Tom Fleming, head of the Art Department; decorator and designer Paddy Fleming; carpenter Mark Feeley; lead hairstylist Anna Keegan; costume designer Merrita Gorman Geoghegan; make-up artist Shauna Fowley; and props by Lorna Gargan and catering by Hey Pesto.

The film will be produced and directed by Garret Daly and Martina McGlynn.

“The level of support has been amazing so far. From shops and businesses to the community in general, we really are getting great assistance and encouragement,” said a spokesman for the production team.

“A low budget film set in 1920 was always going to be huge challenge, but the level of community spirit and support in Daingean and Tyrrellspass has been overwhelming.

“Now it is up to us to tell a good story.”

The film is expected to be completed in early 2014.

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